Apr 13, 2022


The new websites Jerkaoke and Delphine are coming on 5/25 9:00 PDT

As Model Media Group grew, we have gathered more and more original contents. Meanwhile, we want to create a new visual and experience for our fans. Therefore, we believe that this is the best time to split our website into two, each consisting its own series.


Currently, our main series consists of Jerkaoke and Delphine. One consists of entertaining and fun vibe, while the other is plot-based with strong passion and intimacy.Since both series have their own unique themes and styles, this convinced us to split the website. Please note, memberships will not be affected, on the contrary,subscribing now will give you more benefits!





If you subscribe to Model Media US before our websites split, you will have access to both websites. Allowing you to choose between the websites based on your mood.


Please look forward to our new interface and new content. We will continued to have more websites consisting of different series. Keep growing with us!





Real POV Adventures: Stepdad V.S. School Girl

Maria Kazi 06/29 Wed.